Chef Roberta

About 8 months ago, I moved back to Italy after 22 years of living in America, where I had the opportunity to follow my passion for food. It all began a few months after my arrival, during my first Thanksgiving in the United States, when I met the owner of the well-known Italian restaurant Antonia's in Key West FL. After tasting what I had prepared for the party, he offered me to work in his restaurant .... and this is how my career, my schooling, my adventure began, in a beautiful kitchen, developing Italian regional dishes with local, organic ingredients. There I met my husband, also a chef. After 10 years with this wonderful family, I was ready to explore new areas, such as the vegetarian and vegan worlds, studying and experiencing it directly in the kitchens of the Natural Food Market in Miami and Key West.

The desire to keep exploring did not stop, so I moved to another great vacation spot, Cape Cod MA, where the food is in harmony with the beauty of the place. I lived there for five years, gaining experience in restaurant management, creating summer and fall's menus and putting together a team of chefs .... it was really a fantastic experience! By then it was time to start something of our own, so we moved to Wilmington NC, where we opened an Italian bakery, which we named "La Gemma", after our first child. The bakery specialized in authentic regional Italian pastries, both traditional and contemporary, and immediately became a popular destination in the Wilmington area. It received many awards and glowing reviews, and it was featured on the local TV news for our homemade hollow chocolate Easter eggs. Eventually we began supplying Whole Foods Market, participated in several very successful farmers markets, and held regular cooking classes, both privately at the clients homes or at the bakery. This experience in the world of pastry and baking has rounded up my knowledge of all aspects of food preparation. Now I plan to spend the summers in the United States, bringing directly to your table both the foods and the culture of my native country. During spring and fall, I will be your guide through customized culinary tours of Italy, where you will experience every aspect of the farm-to-table .


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