Chef Roberta

  • Appetizer Menu 2017

  • Italian cheeses with honey, prosciutto and salami mix

  • Roasted bell pepper rolled with goat cheese

  • Bresaola (if available)rolled with arugula and shaved parmesan

  • Smoked Salmon over a chives pancake and creme traiche

  • Baked stuffed Mussels

  • Mix of Crostini: with Italian sausage and mascarpone cheese
  • with olive tapenade
  • mushroom ceviche
  • fresh tomato basil
  • herbed goat cheese
  • Ham, cherry tomato, mozzarella cherries ( or vegetarian version)

  • Mushroom cup with crab

  • Mini Roasted tomato pie

  • Mini artichoke and smoked gouda pie

  • Pickled Vegetable and potatoes salad (called Russian salad)

  • Fresh stack: Avocado, salsa, red snapper, crab meat and creme fraiche

  • Panzanella: tuscan bread salad with heirloom tomato, red onion, cucumber bas

  • Carpaccio: meat or seafood

  • Octopus, marinated with cherr_y tomatoes, pctatoes, celery and parsley

  • Buckwheat salad: seafood style, vegetarian or meat

  • lmpepata di cozze, mussels mini stew

  • Seafood tartare

  • Shrimps cocktail

  • SALAD LIST 2017

  • Sarda: Frisee salad, grilled ricotta salata, red seedless grapes, drizzle infused honey.

  • Medici: Field salad, arucola, olives, pecorino cheese, prosciutto, raisins, pine nuts capers.

  • Simple green: Mesculine lettuce tossed with balsamic vinaigrette, fresh tomato, red onion.

  • Arucola salad: Anchovy vinaigrette, topped with shaved parmesan cheese.

  • Vasariana: Butter lettuce, carrots, fresh tomato, fontina cheese, italian ham, corn.

  • Nicoise: Baby green beans, Kalamata olives, boiled egg, Italian tuna, Fresh tomato, anchovy, cucumber, red bell pepper, boiled potato

  • Oak island: Shaved fennel, snap sweet peas, celery, parmesan cheese, boston lettuce, lemon vinagrette

  • Additional selections are available by request
  • Seafood Items 2017

  • Tuscan stew: All the sea's wonders in a mild/spicy light tomato base, grilled ciabatta

  • Venetian style: Fennel-Saffron broth, both served with grilled ciabatta

  • Clams stew: shrimps, carrot, celery, hot pepper, cherry tomato

  • Pan-seared-oven marinated: Grouper/Sea bass/Mahi Mahi/Red snapper......
    Tomato, caper, Kalamata olives
    Lemon Capers
    Green olive and toasted pine-nut
    Salsa verde with shallots
    Topped with shrimps
    Served with mussels

  • Seafood mixed grill, scampi, scallops, squid, sea bass served with grilled polenta, watercress and salsa verde

  • Stuffed squid with shrimp

  • Grilled Tuna steak: over a grilled yellow tomato, eggplant and topped with marinated red bell pepper

  • Octopus marinated with cherry tomatoes, potatoes, celery and parsley

  • Meats List 2017

  • Baby pork ribs tuscan style

  • Pork loin, wrapped with pancetta, beer sauce

  • Beef Tenderloin

  • Mixed grilled

  • Lamb chop, served with rosemary sauce

  • Oxtail Vaccinara: Roman style

  • Chicken Involtini: Chicken breast rolled with prosciutto, fontina cheese, asparagus

  • Chicken/Veal/Pork Milanese: breaded pan-fried filet, served over arugula, heirloom tomatoes

  • Ossobuco : braised (Veal-Lamb-Turkey)

  • Duck

  • Additional selections are available by request

  • FETTUCCINE ALLA BOSCAIOLA Fresh pasta fettuccine, Porcini mushroom, speck, sweet peas, shaved pannesan.

  • LINGUINE ALLO SCOGLIO Fresh pasta linguine, dams, mussels, scampi, scallops, grouper, s9uid, fresh tomato.

  • MALFATTI DELLA LIGURIA Spinach and ricotta gnocchi, light tomato sauce.

  • SPAGHETTI ALLA PUTTANESCASpaghetti pasta with fresh yellowlin tuna, tomato sauce, garlic, capers, anchovies, olives, red pepper.

  • FETTUCCINE AL RADICCHIO E GORGONZOLA DOLCE: Fresh pasta fettuccine, red chicor_y, creamy gorgonzola cheese, walnuts.

  • LASAGNA VERDE DI TERRA Layers of homemade spinach pasta, meat ragu' bolognese, bechamel and cheese au gratin.

  • LASAGNA DI MARE: La_yers of homemade sheets of pasta, seafood sauce, tomato, bechamel and cheese au gratin

  • Additional selections are available by request

  • Eggs

  • Poached served over polenta cakes,grilled asparagus, porcini mushroom, parmesan cheese and truffle oil

  • Pizzaiola sunny side up, marinara sause, fresh mozzarella, basil, grilled ciabatta bread

  • Omelettes

  • Asparagus and boursin cheese

  • Prosciutto, brie cheese and arugula

  • Southwest: bell pepper, onion, ham, salsa, cheddar cheese, sour cream

  • Asparagus and boursin cheese

  • Quiche

  • Artichokes and smoked gouda cheese

  • Roasted tomato and goat cheese

  • Pancakes: plain, with fresh fruit or chocolate chips

  • French toast: stuffed with strawberry and mascarpane cheese

  • Crepes nutella and banana

  • Scones various Ravors


  • Shrimp and Polenta (The Italian answer to shrimp and grits)

  • Italian sausages and polenta

  • Seafood Arancini Rice cakes filled with shrimp and sweet peas served with capers cream sauce

  • French Toast savory, stuffed with gruyere cheese, topped with hollandaise sauce

  • All items are served with choice of: Country style potatoes, bacon strips, fresh fruit or mixed green salad

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